Publications 2011  

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Publications 2010  

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Publications 2009

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Publications 2008

  • Fortier, S.; Touaibia, M.; Roy, R., Annabi, B. Inhibition of cell surface clustering effects of Concanavalin-A by tetra- and hexavalent mannosides : Impact on MT1-MMP-mediated proMMP-2 activation and cell death signaling in marrow stromal cells. Glycobiology, 2008, 18, 195-204.

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Lee A.Y., Perrault R., Harel S., Boulier E., Suderman M., Hallett M.T. and Jenna S.* (2010) Searching for signaling balance through the identification of genetic interactors of the Rab Guanine-nucleotide Dissociation Inhibitor, gdi-1. PLoS One. 13;5(5):e10624